With its capacity and pursuant to the quantity of the juvenile trout produced, Riboteks can meet the requirements of all producers of trout in Serbia, thanks to the installed equipment:

  • 80 incubation Zuger apparatuses
  • 40 ponds for tanks with 280 tanks
  • 20 ponds with a volume of 4.5m3

After fertilisation, the spawn is placed into incubators, and having been laid, the juvenile fish remain in the hatchery pond for between 4 and 8 weeks, prior to transfer to the nursery where they stay until reaching 20 grams. After reaching this weight, the juvenile fish are either sold or distributed into outdoor ponds.


Stable, high quality production is supported by several installed systems that have improved the operations of the fish farm:

  • Water oxygenation system
  • System for separation of clean and dirty water
  • Light intensity control system
  • Fish classifying system


Each pond within the hatchery and outdoors is equipped with a water oxygenation system (enrichment of the water with liquid oxygen), as well as with a system for urgent oxygenation that enables normal growth and development of the fish even under extreme conditions. These devices enable the increase of the carrying capacity of the pond by 400%, i.e. very high density of plantation with minimum water flow, since the water in each battery is enriched not only upon entry to the pond but in the middle of the pond as well. Constant monitoring of dissolved oxygen in the water is done via stationary probes, whereby an automatic alarm is triggered whenever the level of oxygen falls below the referent value.

In the pre-precipitators, a system for separation of clean and dirty water has been installed. Dirty water is discharged during cleaning and it is not used any more, while clean water is reused in the production process after degassing.

The hatchery pond is equipped with a light intensity control system, since, depending on the development phase, juvenile rainbow trout have different needs and tolerances to light intensity.

Riboteks has the most advanced system for fish classification – sorting devices with an elevator that transports the trout for sorting together with water, which maximally decreases stress on the fish during this operation. Counters on the discharge pipes on the sorting devices enable precise monitoring of the number of the fish in the fish farm, and thus proper planning of production. Transition from manual feeding to automatic feeders shall further improve efficiency.