Riboteks, a member of the Victoria Group, is the leader in the production and sale of rainbow trout and trout juvenile. As one of the most modern fish farms in Southeast Europe, it bases its business success on top quality, constant innovation and use of new technologies.

Riboteks has a complete, rounded technological process of trout production, from roe up to the marketable sized trout, that is, all age groups. The complex consists of the production facilities of the hatchery pond, nursery and outdoor ponds arranged in three batteries: for breeding age up to 100g, 200g and 300g of weight.

The capacity of the hatchery pond is 2.5 million pieces of juvenile fish with an average weight of 1g per round, i.e. 10 million pieces annually, whereby juvenile fish of larger mass can be produced in it. The production capacity of Riboteks is 250-400t of grown marketable size trout, whereby the company has a share of more than 10% in total trout consumption in Serbia.

In addition to the sale of trout and juvenile trout, Riboteks is the representative of BioMar, a Danish trout food manufacturer, as well as of the “Soprofish” trout feed by the Veterinary Institute Subotica. The company also sells equipment for trout fish farms, and provides consulting services in this field.